Social Media U Training and Education Program

Social Media Education in High Demand

Companies around the world are trying to make sense of social media and its impact on their business. In the beginning, the prevailing thought was that a high school intern could meet the social media needs of a business, but such interns lack the marketing experience necessary to leverage social media marketing to its fullest potential and thereby make a positive impact where it matters most—the company’s bottom line. Businesses of today need a person who understands not only how social media platforms work, but also has the strategic thinking skills needed to use these platforms to drive results for their business in the form of an active online community, new leads and ultimately increased sales. That’s why social media professionals are often the most sought-after experts in marketing. Here are a few of the most important social media education needs of any business:

  • Overall Social Media Strategy
  • Implementation Plan
  • Employee Training on Proper Protocol
  • How to Run Effective Social Media Campaigns

Why Splash Media U?


At Splash Media U, we believe social media training is best delivered by people who have managed social media and online marketing efforts for real-world clients on a daily basis. Someone who only studies social media theories but rarely applies them for real clients probably does not have their finger on the pulse of what is really working in the dynamic world of social media marketing.

Our trainers are professional social media marketers, mostly from the Splash Media Agency from which Splash Media U was born, using case studies of actual clients with tangible, measurable results. We have built over 600 online social media marketing classes using a state-of-the-art $5.5 million virtual set studio. We also conduct “live” classes, which are instructor-led interactive environments that provide for a second-to-none interactive learning experience. In 2013, Splash Media U earned SACS CASI accreditation, making Splash Media U one of the first accredited social media education providers of its kind.

Splash Media Agency serves the social media needs of hundreds of clients, working and creating a return on investment for each business. In addition, Splash Media Agency completely manages their online presence, including content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and their blogs. Through that experience we know what works and what doesn’t, and we understand the challenges that face a wide variety of businesses that plan to leverage social media as a marketing channel. That knowledge and understanding is why we are uniquely suited to be the best possible teachers of social media marketing strategies and tactics.

Splash Media U was initially invented for Splash Media Agency employees as a result of its own struggles to train new team members. Now Splash Media U stands on its own as the premiere provider of social media marketing education.


Professional social media marketers is all you need to know. Every one of our educators has had the experience of DOING social media marketing for clients on a daily basis.


Splash Media U envisions each graduate will have the unique social media marketing expertise to transform diverse business enterprises that compete in 21st century global markets worldwide.


Splash Media U’s mission is to offer an accredited, innovative online education in social media marketing that prepares students with unique expertise to achieve their professional goals and improve the productivity of diverse business enterprises.