5Steps-wheelOur curriculum for all Splash Media U programs is based on five universal social media tactics, and we use these to structure our courses and guide the learning process.

The Tactical Wheel is the method Splash Media University has developed that will empower students to navigate the social media waters regardless of platform. By implementing these tactics, students will be ensured that they are not only setting businesses up for success but that they will also be implementing social media best practices in a consistent manner. The Tactical Wheel provides:

  • A set of universal actions you will take, regardless of social media platform.
  • The best way to learn and understand social media marketing and how it’s going to benefit businesses.
  • A method that ensures the implementation of social media best practices.

This proprietary social media marketing method is core to each of our courses with specific modules, lessons, and homework assignments that cover how the Tactical Wheel applies to course topics, and then how to apply each step of the Tactical Wheel within the platforms covered.

The 5 Steps of the Tactical Wheel:

  1. Listening
    1. Identifying potential customers
    2. Identifying influencers
    3. Identifying relevant content
    4. Monitoring conversations
  2. Building Community
    1. Getting social media users to friend, follow, or like a business in social media
    2. Building awareness and exposure with new potential users
    3. Providing a platform for customer service
    4. Providing a platform for purchase decisions
  3. Broadcasting
    1. Communicating effectively with social media users
    2. What, when, and how to communicate with social media users
    3. Scheduled and opportunistic posting
    4. Building traffic through broadcasting
  4. Developing Content
    1. Building effective content around the marketing funnel
    2. Leveraging archived knowledge
    3. Discovering your key message and unique selling proposition and weaving this into content pieces.
  5. Converting Customers
    1. Understanding buyer behavior
    2. Using Calls to Action: Active vs. Passive
    3. Determining fair exchange of value

This concept integrates the tactical techniques you need to get a campaign up and running and to sustain that campaign to deliver value on an ongoing basis. The different stages of the Tactical Wheel can be implemented across all social media platforms, much in the same way learning how to drive a car gives you the basic knowledge to drive most cars. When you learn a new platform, simply keep in mind the steps you’ve learned.